Hollywood’s Hero

The lone hero has caught me breathless, once again. That rugged, individualistic, sexy, rebellious guy that lives alone in a trailer. The cowboy, the horse whisperer, the dinosaur trainer, call him what you may but he has left me feeling inspired once again.

With a narrative that has captivated moviegoers from the early days of cinema, Jurassic World is an example of a story that can’t go wrong. The over controlling, hard to get woman that’s too good for a horse-whisperer-cum-rebel, an evil capitalist, a wannabe capitalist, the protagonist of course, and his wise friend, and a nice family in the backdrop that is representative of family values in the current society. Anything unfamiliar?

Generally speaking, one would have to surmise that the movie stays true to Hollywood’s values. Action scenes, which will keep you in suspense, light-hearted humor and romance to end with. And if you don’t like the sound of it so far, well there are the dinosaurs to look forward to.

Go and Watch it. It had taken me a couple of months before I finally did, and I could watch it again, only for its ragged hero.


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