Photoshop CS4 …

Hi all.

Photoshop seems to be a great medium for manipulating and creating images. A bit different from the regular pen to paper/canvas artworks. Ideas, concepts, and designs do not seem change (significantly) with technology. Having said this, the technicalities of using systems is mind boggling, (to say the least). As you all can see, my first image posted on word-press, was not what I had in mind; nevertheless, to my amazement I reposted the same image, but this time the entire picture should hopefully be there. I shall add, that the first image has the dimensions of 454 by 340 (6.4″ by 4.8″) and the second has 416 by 312 (5.9″ by 4.4″)- this makes the image slightly smaller and there are no (or not many) image quality reductions as far as I know (both Jpgs). Furthermore, it would be cool to know whether word-press complies with ideal image dimensions, or is there a standard for image dimensions in regards to blogging/posting pages, or perhaps there are specific dimensions that I should be using for websites/blogs. Either way, I can say that this may take me days, weeks or months- (and since technology is constantly changing; (perhaps there is a website that is dedicated to this- Lynda has been good to me thus far) I may even claim years) to grasp. At least it is good to know that, “Rome wasn’t Built in a day…!”


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