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My Mind Map at – “http://www.mindmeister.com/297537822/art-media”

As this course is reaching its end, I have decided to take a different media spin for my last blog post. I consider this post more dynamic than the rest, more creative and much more inspiring. I have thus created a mind map with mindmeister.com. The idea behind this is not only taken from the course outline, but is also influenced by art that is seeped through the new media lens. The definition of art may seem overblown, superfluous, or pretentious on the outset, but for the thoughtful it will be evident that it is anything but. Through mind  meister I have attempted to lay down the ground works for what identifies art media.

Fleix Guattari’s ‘ethico-aesthetic paradigm’ highlights the networks that are created through art in new media. I am yet to read the book, but have a fond interest in it after further research. Networks that have emerged in generative art are examples that have enabled me to discern these complex theories.  Generative art was just one of the different areas that I have sought to look into. It is characterised by the flow of algorithms that enable a kind of hyper-virtual reality. Paul Prudence, does a better job at defining generative art, as “the realtime social media flow of projects, memes and links that we tend to bathe in – (it) is also techno-utopian at its core.”  In hope to provide some light in how art is defined through the media, I have attempted this mind-map attached. In a day two as new forms of art emerge this will no doubt be of little value, albeit it has been a fun journey and one that will never end.

Guattari F, Wikipedia entry, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Félix_Guattari

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My Mind Map at – “http://www.mindmeister.com/297537822/art-media”


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