The Future: Can you hear it Coming?

A short video created for University. It is inspired by transversal thinking. Transversal refers to in (mathematics) a line that intersects, thus in (media) philosophy transversal thinking is a process where the norm changes form, or direction. In media it is when networks diverge and form other networks as opposed to the framing that has occurred within the media sphere (up and until the “transversal line”).

In my short video I have attempted to show that the future is based on new inventions (technologies), but the innovations are reworked through the present culture. This is most evident in what is called, ubicomp. The media philosopher Matheew Fuller, describes ubicomp short for ubiquitous computing, as the notion where machines form part of our everyday culture. Innovative networks, computational intelligent systems basically create the culture we live in. As I enjoyed reading the article and highly recommend it, I thought I’d throw in one of the quotes (by Fuller) that made an impact when thinking about ubicomp in the future. He states, “You might say that they (the old ubicomp systems e.g. PC’s) were the hardware equivalent of apps, but perhaps more interesting the model, also shifts computing from mono-linear to multidimensional.”
So with this quote, I shall make for the exit and see you next week.

Fuller, Matthew ‘Forward’ in Ekman, Ulrik (ed.) (2013) “Throughout: Arts and Culture Emerging with Ubiquitous Computing Cambridge” MA; MIT Press: xi-xxxi

Quick note: Music is recorded with general sounds of different technologies.


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