Listening without prejudice

I have bought into the piracy issues that have dominated the music and movie scene for years now.

You know doing things like buying CDs and DVDs, rather than creating one’s own copies by burning them. One of the reasons I chose to do this was because even though it is a way of supporting the musicians, its also supporting the record labels, such as EMI Music and Universal Music. Now you might be thinking why I’d do such a thing, especially when record labels dictate what society listens to, by monopolizing the industry. Well, this is what I am trying to work out and hopefully solve through this post.

Thinking transversally is one way that is helping me deal with how to think about piracy issues. Thinking this way means that one is thinking out of the box, in a way. To elaborate, up to now I have believed in supporting musicians by buying records (Perhaps the media had something to do with it?), however, I didn’t realize that there are musicians that prefer to post their music on the web for free to gain the status and reputation they want.

Websites, such as sound-cloud now enable music makers to post and share their own music. On the one hand it may be argued that this cheapens the music industry, but I lean towards the other side that it creates diversity, a local and global music scene that is more personalized for the listener, and more collaborative for the musician. Thus, I think it is important to take note of the way prejudices have informed the music industry.

Now that I have become aware of CINEBEAT and SPOTIFY by smule I wonder what the music conglomerates would say about that. However, after reading a bit about the org it seems like the musicans themselves have started to explore other avenues than the good ole’ pub down the road. Thinking transversally makes a difference.

Murphie, Andrew (2006) ‘Editorial’, the Fibreculture Journal, 9,


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