Interactive Design using Actionscript3 on Flash

For this task, I have chosen a simple animation for my word Warm. The brief  is to create a sense of playfulness in the interactive design catering for visually impaired children. In my design I would like to achieve a sense of familiarity with the word warm. This will be achieved through creating a domestic feel to my design. To begin with my design will be created in a domestic household. For visually impaired children I will have a bold outline of a house. Inside it there will be about 4 clickable objects that will be placed next to each other. The objects are as described:

There will be a jacket and a singlet- the jacket will move (clickable), the singlet won’t.

A tea pot and a fridge.

fire-place and a fan

A bowl of soup and a sandwich.

The design is based on a few concepts to make the interaction between the user and game fun. These concepts are based on discovery, a exploration, creation, and difficulty. I have made the objects so that they develop from an easy level and progressing to a somewhat harder level (soup/sandwich) to make the design more challenging, to also develop hand-eye coordination.

So this is what I had in mind thus far, although I must warn that it may change without any notice. Cheers


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