American Homogenization and Media Convergence.

Barack Obama is no doubt charismatic, is down-to-earth, chilled, and has a strong hold on American values, and responsibilities …  He even displays humour in times of crisis, and I don’t even know the fella. Hey mate, a few beers at the pub and I bet it’ll feel as though I’ve known him for years! What makes me say this?…Blame it on the media… My home page is set on BBC News, I then skim through the posts via RSS Feeds. I find say, the title posted on BBC’s page; “Obama promotes reforms on TV Show,” interesting; therefore, naturally I read it. My curiosity flares even more. I google, “NBC  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and watch the streaming of the show. I develop a sense of satifaction and besides, “I’m receiving first hand knowledge in Sydney from the States”. I feel satified, and somewhat content but it dosn’t stop there… I’m feeling politically motivated, so I think to myself, “why not switch on the BBC (I rarely watch CNN, FOX) on TV via Foxtel as I’m cleaning around the house,” and what do you know; I receive more talk on Obama, AIG, and the Economy.  I become slightly agitated. This is the same stuff I’m receiving via the Net (being aware that I am watching the BBC  having just read over the net, but I’d expect something more, or different from the TV Screen than the internet, perhaps some kind of interview, or documentary) I then switch the channel to SBS, and surprisingly there’s  more news on the Economy; ABC same thing. I evetually get tired of watching the news, and thus switch to Channel 10. A TV Soap opera, with little ads played every 20min, and constant news updates. Nothing new- I then switch to satellite TV. The Greek, and the the French Channel- I don’t understand a word, just a whole of arguements around the table.  I’m not in the mood for entertainment but eventually, I end up playing a vinyl on the turntable (there is something original, authentic and nice regarding manually placing a record on a turntable, and then carefully placing the needle on the grroove) I also pick up a book on Kurkov and switch off.  What a life- Perhaps I’m watching the wrong channels.  However, there are so many channels available, there is apparently a widespread variety of shows.  Or is it my homepage that leads to this homogenization of the media, and how about this convergence of the media; the BBC; originally a Radio/TV Broadcasting media, is now on satellite, podcasts and online-  Where do you get your news from?…I think I might switch to the old newspaper in the mornings- read articles on Sydney and local news, get active in the community- Do you think, with the emergence of universalism in the media, that we have become less stable in the community?- Perhpaps there simply needs to be a balance in my daily activities. Having said this, the Personalisation of technology makes me want to receive news from around the world, being “Connected,” “In the Now,” and “Happening”. Take my wordpress blog- I have a link to the Australian PC Authority website, even though I have acquired most of the  magazines, but that brings up other questions of  networking- and how much we really desire in this world and age of which we live in.


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